Grade 8  class – Tuesday August 4 at 6:30pm

Grade 8  confessions and rehearsal for Darlene’s Class Tuesday August 11 at 6:30pm and Wednesday August 12 at 6:30pm Confirmation Thursday August 13 at 7pm

Grade 8 Confirmation confessions and rehearsal for Anna’s Class Tuesday August 18 at 6:30pm and Wednesday August 19 at 6:30pm Confirmation Thursday August 20 at 7pm.

Confirmation August 13, 7pm (Darlene’s class) and August 20, 7pm (Anna’s Class)

ATTIRE: Sunday’s best dress code

GIRLS – dresses/skirts at knee level or a little bit longer (any color)

NO high-heeled shoes, runners, hand bag, gloves

BOYS – dress shirts and dress pants (any color)

NO jeans, runners

  1. The main door of the church will be OPEN at 6:00PM. It is important that you come early as you may need to line up to get in, and for students to have enough time to relax and settle down. The door will be CLOSED by 6:45PM Please do not be late


  1. Students are required to check in with their parents when they arrive. Hand sanitizers are at the entrance for your use. In the event the child or parents exhibit flu-like symptoms or any of the symptoms of Covid-19 DO NOT come to church. Please contact and notify the teacher immediately.

Rest assured we will do our best to work something out with Fr. Dominic so your child may be Confirmed at a later date when health conditions permit

  1. Students and sponsors will be guided to their seats inside the church. Parents will be ushered directly to the hall using the stairs or elevator on the left side of the gathering space.

NOTE: It is not currently mandatory to wear masks in public places in Manitoba.  You have the option to wear a mask if desired. Observance of proper distancing and cough/sneeze etiquette is of utmost importance

  1. There will be Confirmation envelopes provided and an usher will take up the collection during mass in the hall.
  2. During communion, Lay Eucharistic Minister/s will go down to the basement to administer the sacrament to the parents. Please observe physical distance of 6ft/2m from one another.
  3. After mass, parents are requested to remain in their seats. An usher will direct you when to go up and meet your child/children for picture taking at the altar.

Please bring your own camera/cellphone if you would like to take photos.  There won’t be an official photographer. A volunteer will take your picture for you.

  1. Certificates will be placed on the tables in the gathering space. Please get your child’s/children’s certificate/s before exiting the main door.

NOTE: Observance of proper distancing from one another may slow us down and prolong the celebration of the sacrament than usual celebrations prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

St. Anthony of Padua Catechism Coordinators & Teachers


Confirmation is usually celebrated on or near the Feast of Pentecost for Grade 8 catechism students.

A friendly reminder that all students must belong to families regularly attending and registered as members of St. Anthony’s Church.  Children’s faith formation is part of the sacramental life of our community.  Learning about our Catholic faith involves practicing our Catholic faith as well.