K of C Bingo

St. Anthony of Padua Church Bingo Club started in 1961 in the new Church by Gus Bogasky, Steve Riediger, Vince McGavock, and followed by Bert Pawulski.  The main purpose of the Club was to raise funds for the newly built parish.  Joe Wandowich joined the Club in 1966 and was the Chair person.  He and his wife Eleanor have been very active and dedicated to the Club for over 39 years.  Over the years, this Committee has supported many projects: The church mortgage, carpeting of the church, the organ, light fixtures, church books, air conditioning, building addition and many more.  They also supported many events and functions that took place throughout the years.  Sunday, December 18th 2005 was the last night of Bingo in our parish as Joe and Eleanor Wandowich retired.  The Knights of Columbus started up bingo again in 2007 under the leadership of Wayne Winget and Ken Chrzanowski.  Bingo ran every Wednesday night.  Funds raised through K of C Bingo help support the many projects of the Knights of Columbus and St. Anthony’s Parish.  Bingo closed in 2022.