Message to our Members re Per Capita Fee Increase – For Consideration


  1. It has been 10 years since the last increase in National per capita fee increase
  1. We have experienced operating deficits for many of those past years, which have been covered through investment income and the sale of investments
  1. Increase in expenses have continued to affect our deficit; facility cost, supplies, conventions, travel, salaries, league promotion, and magazine cost.
  1. Decrease in membership over the past 3 years has been close to 12,000 members
  1. Covid has made its mark on our League by distancing our members from one another but also from our parish, diocesan and national councils.
  1. The younger generation of Catholics are frustrated and upset with the church today and are not playing an active role in our parish communities.


  1. In 2017-2018 talks began to develop a Strategic Plan to revise and change the format of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Motion was made to invest $1,000,000 from the investment fund to cover this 5-year project.  This would not affect the financial operation of the League.
  1. It is time for the League to invest in its membership at all levels. The Welcome Program was developed and needs to be promoted with the parish councils through Provincial Councils.
  1. The Board of Directors have been actively looking at and making tough decisions to conserve expenses. The League magazine went digital this fall, and we will likely see one digital copy each year into the future.  Members will be given an opportunity to receive ALL future magazines digitally.  The possibility of having National conventions virtually every other year is another possibility.
  1. Our Bishops are being asked to encourage their priests to support the League. We need to invite ladies from our parish communities with our Parish Priest standing next to our Parish/Diocesan/Provincial President.  We need to show that we are a strong spiritual organization rooted in gospel values and support God’s people.  We, the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, play a vital role in the Catholic Church as confirmed by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  1. Expenses can be reduced, but will, in turn, negatively affect the operation of National Office.
  1. There is only one place to look, and that is to increase revenue, through per capita fees. This increase would provide an extra $780,000  in funding to National Office in 2023.  This increase would be used to:
  1. Begin returning to investments the dollars that we have used to operate the League
  2. Continue to invest in leadership training within each province
  3. Encourage our Board to reach out to their counterparts within the provinces for virtual meetings
  4. Increase grants for the provincial provinces for workshops
  5. Possibly return to 3 hard copies of our League magazine annually.

As members, we are called to “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”.

How can we walk away from this League, who has given us a voice in our Church, a voice with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, a voice with the Federal Government through our Resolutions, a voice with WUCWO (World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization, and a voice to express our concerns in developing countries?

Our new theme says it all – “Catholic and Living It!”

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada (the League) was organized nationally on June 17, 1920 and granted federal incorporation on December 12, 1923. The League is officially recognized by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) as a lay association of women and is affiliated with the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations (WUCWO), a world-wide federation holding membership in the conference of International Catholic Organizations (ICO) and having consultative status with agencies of the United Nations.  The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is an organization that contributes to the life and vitality of the church, family and community, both at home and abroad.  An invitation is extended to all young women 16 years of age and older to purchase a membership in the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. By doing so you will be: supporting the efforts of League members across Canada who are diligently working to promote the teachings of the Catholic church and part of the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada with a tradition of service to others as expressed in its motto “For God and Canada.”  While your presence at meetings is important, we realize that in this busy world it may not always be possible for you to attend.  Be assured that your interest and support is as important as your attendance!

Did You Know

The name of the award given every year to a CWL Council for their works is the Margaret Kelly award.

Did you know that Mrs. R. V. Winders was the first president of St. Anthony’s CWL.

The Maple Leaf pin is presented to a CWL member in good standing for recognition of general devotion to league work.

Did you know that February 27, 1925 was the date of the CWL Charter.