Bible Study

We had our first Little Rock Scripture Study in 2009 during Lent.  There was four groups with an average of 12 people in each group.  Each person receives a Commentary book and a Study book with the option to buy.  We meet once a week to discuss that weeks homework.  It is very wonderful and enlightening to compare the old and new, and to meditate on the scriptures.  We now meet once a year at the beginning of each year and study a different topic each year.  Before we  are ready to begin there is a sign up sheet placed at the entrance of the church.  All are always welcome to sign up for the sessions!

Bible study: Our next bible study will take place On Monday evenings beginning January 17th, 2022, at 6:30pm.   This year we will be studying “The Gospel According to Matthew part 1 & part 2″   

Part 1: Standing at the start of the New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew provides a bridge from the Jewish world awaiting a Messiah to the emerging Christian world of Jesus and his followers. This Gospel introduces us to Jesus as the Master Teacher whose words of instruction are captured in large teaching sections.

Part One covers Matthew 1:1–16:28, from the birth of Jesus through much of his public teaching life, to the first prediction of his passion.

Part 2: Beginning with the Transfiguration of Jesus in chapter 17:1, the Gospel of Matthew continues to reveal through Jesus’ teachings what it means to be a disciple.

This second part of the study of Matthew reveals a growing tension as Jesus ministers around Jerusalem, is arrested, is crucified, and rises to new life. Revealed as Emmanuel (God with us) at the start of the Gospel, Jesus will promise his continuing presence as the disciples are commissioned at the close of the Gospel.

Contact the parish office to register.

Please call the parish office to register.