Religious Education

Registered, contributing parishioners may apply for Religious Education.  Contributing parishioners are understood to be those who, first and foremost, attend Sunday Eucharist on a weekly basis.  Of course, it is understood that illness, work schedules, sick children, etc. may sometimes prevent a person from attending Eucharist, however excluding oneself from Sunday Mass attendance should not be the norm.  A contributing parishioner also, so much as is feasible, gives of their time and talent in a ministry:  usher, parking attendant, reader, catechist, member of the decorating committee, etc. A contributing parishioner also financially supports their parish and doesn’t leave it to others.  This is one of the six commandments of the Church, as is Sunday Mass attendance, which is also one of the Ten Commandments.  One must be a registered, contributing parishioner for at least one year prior to registration. 

Archdiocese of Winnipeg online resources: Discernment article, resources for families, links for Prayer & Reflection, Lent, Easter and Sacramental Preparation:

Religious Education – Praying with your child: Faith Formation resources using Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

The Religious Education program has been in existence since 1925.  Over the years there have been many coordinators.  The program now averages around 250 students per year and there are 15 teachers who volunteer and dedicate their time.  The program is supported with contributions of time and monetary donations from the CWL, K of C, and of course the Parish and Parishioners.  The goal of Religious Education is to assist parents and students in faith formation, with the key emphasis on our students being the future parishioners of our parish.  Students are encouraged to help needy children in Third World Countries through membership in the Holy Childhood Mission Association