Religious Education

Dear Parents,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I hope everyone is well amidst this difficult time and unprecedented situation.  The pandemic may have limited us in so many ways but it will not stop us from adapting in order to carry on with our lives – especially with our spiritual nourishment.  As you may have been previously informed via email, we have already set the dates where in our children will receive their first holy communion.  In observance of the directives of the public health department with regards to physical distancing and the given limit on the number of people allowed for indoor gathering (max 50 people), we have decided to set 2 dates for the celebration of First Holy Communion so that we can equally split the whole group into 2 batches.  (The church will only accommodate the first communicants and a maximum of 50 people in the basement).  Each child is allowed to bring 2 guests (parents/guardians or any family member).  Same number of guests applies to siblings – only 2.

Each batch will be further divided into 2 groups for the sacrament of reconciliation and rehearsal.  To help prepare our children prior to receiving the holy sacrament, the teachers have planned to meet up with them to review their basic prayers.  The teachers will inform their respective classes of their schedule for the aforementioned activities.

Please take note of the following dates:

July 7 and 14 @ 6:30PM-8:00PM: bridging classes with teacher Regina

July 11 @ 9:00AM-10:30AM: class with teacher Pauline

July 14 @ 7:00PM: Sacrament of Reconciliation/rehearsal for First Communion – Pauline’s class (first group of first batch)

July 15 @ 7:00PM: Sacrament of Reconciliation/rehearsal for First Communion – Regina’s class (second group of first batch)

July 16 @ 7:00PM: First Holy Communion (first batch)

July 18 @ 9:00AM-10:30AM: class with teachers Maria and Eduardo

July 21 @ 7:00PM: Sacrament of Reconciliation/rehearsal for First Communion – Eduardo’s class (first group of second batch)

July 22 @ 7:00PM: Sacrament of Reconciliation/rehearsal for First Communion – Maria’s class (second group of second batch)

July 23 @ 7:00PM: First Holy Communion (second batch)

ATTIRE: Sunday’s best dress code

GIRLS – dresses/skirts at knee level or a little bit longer (any color)

  • NO high-heeled shoes, runners, hand bag, gloves

BOYS – dress shirts and dress pants (any color)

  • NO jeans, runners

The flow of events within the duration of the Sacrament is as follows:

1.  The main door of the church will be OPEN at 6:00PM. It is important that you come early as you may 

     need to line up to get in, and for children to have enough time to relax and settle down.         

     The door will be CLOSED by 6:45PM.  Please do not be late.


2. Students are required to check in with their parents.  Two Tables will be set in the gathering space

    with hand sanitizers. You will go to the table marked with the name of the teacher of  your   

    child/children.  Both children and parents will be given identical numbers that correspond to

    their seating arrangement. Names of  parents/guardians will be verified as well so that we will   

    have the complete list of attendees in the event where we would need to do any contact tracing.

    NOTE:  The health and safety of everyone is very important.  We will send in a separate email a copy       

    of the covid-19 screening tool.  Please print and answer all the questions with all honesty.  Please

    bring and submit this questionnaire upon check in.  Answers  should  reflect the overall health

    condition of the whole householdIn the event the child or parents exhibit flu-like symptoms or any

    of the symptom enumerated in the screening tool even just a few hours prior to the event, please

    DO NOT come to church anymore.  Please contact and notify the teacher immediately. Rest assured

    we will do our best to work something out with Fr. Dominic so your child  may receive the sacrament

    at a  later time when health condition permits.

3. Children will be guided to their seats inside the church. Parents will be ushered directly to  

    the basement using the stairs on the left side of the gathering space near the elevator.

NOTE: It is not currently mandatory to wear masks in public places in Manitoba, though it is highly

recommended.  You have the  option to wear a mask if desired. Observance of proper distancing and cough/sneeze etiquette is of utmost importance. 

4. Collection baskets will be placed in the center aisle of the basement.  You may drop your     

    envelopes/offerings before mass or during offertory.

5. During communion, Lay Eucharistic Minister/s will go down to the basement to administer the 

    sacrament to the parents.  Please observe physical distance of 6ft/2m from one another.

6. After mass, parents are requested to remain in their seats.  An usher will direct you when to go   

    up and meet your child/children for picture taking at the altar. 

    Please bring your own  camera/cellphone if you would like to take photos.  There won’t be an official 

    photographer. A volunteer will take your picture for you.

7. Certificates will be placed on the tables in the gathering space.  Please get your child’s/children’s    

    certificate/s before exiting the main door.

NOTE: Observance of proper distancing from one another may slow us down and prolong the celebration of the sacrament than usual celebrations prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

St. Anthony of Padua Catechism Coordinators & Teachers

Archdiocese of Winnipeg online resources: Discernment article, resources for families, links for Prayer & Reflection, Lent, Easter and Sacramental Preparation:

Religious Education – Praying with your child: Faith Formation resources using Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

The Religious Education program has been in existence since 1925.  Over the years there have been many coordinators.  The program now averages around 250 students per year and there are 15 teachers who volunteer and dedicate their time.  The program is supported with contributions of time and monetary donations from the CWL, K of C, and of course the Parish and Parishioners.  The goal of Religious Education is to assist parents and students in faith formation, with the key emphasis on our students being the future parishioners of our parish.  Students are encouraged to help needy children in Third World Countries through membership in the Holy Childhood Mission Association